Submit A Song To Nasa ...

Just saw this on another board, thought some of you might find this interesting :slight_smile:

Holy ****! This is cool!

Just imagine, astronauts in space, trapped - and NASA blasting breakcore at full volume and laughing their asses off.


Sony Germany will not let me see that, booooo :(

Since NASA of course is all about sending the NEW AND IMPROVED humans into deep space before Earth collapses on itself, I suggest this to properly wake them:


I doubt they want to wake up on this though, but the clip is very funny…

“When i grow up, i want to be an astronaut, selling drugs on the side and not being caught”

I believe they want space rock, which is where It-Alien comes in. ;)

heh heh.

OK. Now I know they don’t have any funding problems :D