I’ve had the same Event TR-8 monitors for years now and I’m totally accustomed to them, they’re great, but the response drops off pretty quickly below 45Hz. So I’ve been thinking about getting an extra sub woofer in my studio to complement them.

I’m worried this will create a nasty spike in my bottom end though (ho ho ho).

Anyone successfully done this? Are there subs out there with adjustable crossover? Ideally I’d need to adjust them to just ‘fill in the blanks’ and not create anything excessive.

You perhaps can adjust the crossover using the multiband send to a low and high send-channel and then redirect the different frequencies from each send-channel to your monitor output and the lows from 45hz and lower to your sub output. (If your soundcard supports this kind of routing) At least that is how i could route specific frequency ranges to specific speakers.