Subtly Distant Comatose

there was this compo which seems to have stalled because of too few entries and a host which disappeared few days before deadline.
as i spent quite some time on writing this, i thought this was worth a thread in the song forum.

compo rules were:

  • max 512kb
  • only internal effects, not VST / VSTi
  • style: idm, chillout, ambient, etc.

the actual score was written without the usage of any external plugins, although i added two VST effects for mastering purposes which are:

  • Arguru Stardust v1.5 (freeware)
  • URS Mix EQ v1.1 (commercial)

the song itself does not depend on these, it’ll just sound worse, quality-wise, if they’re not installed.

mp3 version: 9.690kb

rns version: 176kb (511kb.rns)

ahoj keith303!
very nice tune … really.
thats my cup of tea.


sorry for the “compo”. i had something like that too. summer '01

an idea: is it possible to start a new comp. here? to get it done…
would you agree with that?
you give us (Rns-users who want to join this) a D-line and we … battle! :D

would be an interesting challange.

thank for sharing this with us!

actually there already are three other contributions:

  • shane turner’s entry: RNS
  • dblue’s entry: MP3 / RNS
  • it-alien’s preview: OGG

i think we should at least get 10+ entries to make this worth the voting.
if further ppl will announce their interest towards this, i’d certainly be the last who’d say he’s not pleased to compete. :)
setting up a new deadline would be no problem then of course, but vote-evaluation should be done by a compo-independent person.

so thanks for the feedback and especially for drawing my attention to that silly double-link to the mp3, which was of course not done on purpose ;)

typing while listening

i love that silky smooth harmonic lead instrument. beautiful.
nice production on the drums. bass sounds great.
also i must say i love the song title.

oh shit the part that is coming in around 4:00 sounds AWESOME, the bleepy high instrument, and then of course the syncopation of the beat here is wicked.

i might say it has too much reverb overall, but i might not. it really adds a nice ambience to it, that makes you feel like you could reach out and touch the instruments. i think i like the reverb

i’m LOVING the suspense during the break at 6:30

at around 7:45 where it changes , it is kind of disappointing to me, i think you could have done A LOT more with what you had going from 6:30-7:45. from there to the end of the track is like a totally different song, a nice mashup breakbeat track, no doubt, but doesn’t really fit with the first 2/3rds

i have been wanting to write some music that sounds (sorta) like this (the first half at least) for a long time but i haven’t been ready yet.

awesome stuff.


keith, just checking our the .rns of your tune now…

it is insane what you managed to mash those little sounds into :P

great work.

Great job man! Begining didn’t impress me too much…
But the main part is roof-shakin’ ! :) Those fuzzy sub, skraftwerkish arps and high reverbs get me out of my office to the deep quirky flow…
The ending surprise me even more. Those dblue little sounds with fast filter manipulations sounds just right ! (reminds me SpeedGarage best times and mr.Oizo expz) I didn’t though that Filter 2 can sounds so good until i saw it by myself.
Supa! :yeah:

BTW: great tip with bass channel chain:
Distorion + EQ (high pass -12db) + EQ (low pass -24db, cutoff automated)

Sounds just super ! Thanx 4 that ;)

first of all, thanks everybody for the rather detailed feedback - it’s not easy to get some of that these days.
@dj io
some local friends of mine also “complained” about too much reverberation.
maybe i’ve overdone it a bit, but as the songtitle already suggests, i was after something very deep and distant - an atmosphere which reverb knows to strenghten. more than half of all listeners that gave feedback so far can’t be wrong about this… so i assume less would’ve been more in this particular case.

that part from 6:30-7:45 is virtually an alternation of the previous main theme. i didn’t want to make this tune last for hours so i thought it was either time for some “fresh air” or an endpart. i just didn’t want to decide for the latter at that point of time. ;)
but i can see your point. the sustension to the last theme is intruduced way too early considering that there already was one barely 1m30s beforehand.

that’s characteristic for my music, especially for the older tunes written before 2000. i always loved music which alters its mood and theme continously - i would not assure that i succeeded to do so with subtly distant comatose, but at least that is what i intended to do.

hehe, it’s the first time i am using some kind of “modular” plugin setup.
i love it myself and am so delighted that renoise is capable to do such things. :)

Still dancing…

Man, I have to make a dj-mix of all my RNS floor-filler favs! Should be quite a bunch to choose from indeed. :)

Nice one Mr.303/… Got some of your tunes from 98 and you certainly have come a long way. This is in that minimal tek bucket that I could listen to all day.

Verb is fine. Makes the song.

Thanks for releasing the source code rns… I’m learning a lot here…

Whoa, fat song keith303, really an earwig! I want more of this style, maybe a full cd like beefcakes three. :blink: :walkman:

The fat basses sound a bit like Buckfunk 3000. :)

yeh nice track keith303, really excellent ! :)


This is really good stuff! Got a nice Plastikman vibe.

After 1.10 the stings are a getting a bit over used for my taste, but then most “chillout” tracks use too much strings and pads IMO. Also the arpeggios are a bit cheesy in the same way, for my taste.

Excellent mixing, I’m going to check the rns, looks like I could learn something. :walkman:

thanks everyone!

interesting you think it’s (partially) cheesy.
i thought it was rather “experimental” and inaccessible.
but afterall it depends what reference these impressions rely on i guess.

Well, I guess most people like cheesy strings n stuff… so if you aim for the charts, do the opposite of what I say. :P :D

I don’t say I think the strings are cheesy really, just a tad bit over used. The strings were just perfect up til 1.10. If they were used more sporadically, with only occational bursts, it would make the song even better… Saving it for the climax. I think I associate the arpeggios too much with standard trace techno or something - leaves a slight bad taste… not very much tho.

I think I like the first part and the end best. Maybe I’d prefer a 6 minute version with those parts only.

It’s still a great composition IMO.