Subtone/zark Behida Split 12"

Montreal brings the chaos, the Subtone/Zark Behida split 12" will be upon us like a pack of rabid dogs gnawing at the faces of rotting corpses, chunks of kleenex in your coked up snot nose, blood-brain barrier penetrated, infestation to follow, crushing your smokes.

Subtone, originally from New Zealand, is currently living in Montreal with previous releases on Random, Cyanide, Revolution and Metaphor. Zark Behida is Anti-Man is Blakkar Noir is Black Market MTL with previous releases on JungleXpeditions, Panospria, G25productions, and yours truly.

Hustled into remixing last year’s experimental discombobulation into maniacal dance floor rollers, this release reaffirms Trotch Recordings commitment to continue persisting in pushing drum & bass where no one wants to go, never veering course from the core at any cost, overusing commas in promo wherever possible.

A limited one time run of 300 records will be pressed, all profits going directly to the aforementioned artists because that’s how we roll. Selectors in the know of these two producers should queue up ASAP for some AIM Plates because the ruckus is going down October 2006.

This thread serves as a placeholder for bumpage for when more hype is available, better patronize!

MP3 Clips from the forthcoming split 12" special thanks for hosting to MTLDNB.COM representing residents.

Clip 1: Subtone-Mu_Chong_Rmx-Clip.mp3 - full track is 6 minutes 53 seconds side A due October 2006
Clip 2: Zark_Behida_Step_Sigma_Clip.mp3 - full track is 7 minutes 02 seconds side B due October 2006

This record is due out sometime late October 2006. Check their myspace pages (linked above in a previous post) for contact info, etc. Contact me at TROTCH.COM for pre-order info. Check this thread for updates… Rock the mad hours so hit the showers.

PS: Zark Behida is currently on European Tour! Germany, Ireland, England, experimental breakcore madness f****ers.

August 17 2006 at C-Base Rungestrasse 20, Berlin
August 18 2006 at Zentrale Randlage, Berlin
August 25 2006 Ice Bar, Dublin with: Duran Duran Duran (cockrockdisco) and The Teknoist (planet-mu)
August 25 2006 at Spirit, Dublin. Blakkar Noir, Ruairi Lazers & Scant Intone. Put on by these folks.
August 26 2006 at Tetris Safari Festival, Belfast.
August 27 2006 at Flo-Motion on XFM, London. Flo-Motion program, hosted by Nick Luscombe.

Big monster Pulgasari? ACPIMRC001 - Coming October 2006. Distro to be done by WWW.JUNGLEX.CA - INTERNATIONAL VINYL DISTRIBUTION, check out their website and bump this thread if you’re feeling this one, punk rotch.

Promos done proper on Dogs On Acid, located here:

The record is in the production phase. Masters have been sent, cut, and galvanized. Waiting for the test presses. This record should be available late October 2006. Contact WWW.JUNGLEX.CA - INTERNATIONAL VINYL DISTRIBUTION for ordering info.

Pulgasari (or Pulgasary) is a North Korean feature film produced in 1985, a giant-monster film similar to the Japanese Godzilla.
It was produced by South Korean director Shin Sang-ok, who had been kidnapped in 1978 by North Korean intelligence on the orders of Kim Jong-il, son of the ruling Kim Il-sung.

Enter SUBTONE… Our very own Shin Sang-ok.

This record is the full package, a classic in the making. A journey from proper neurofunk, killer drum patterns, and sick basslines on side A into 7/8 techstep that turns into breakcore and sub woofer mayhem on side B.


Known to TROTCH aficionados as the day we jumped the Zark and sold out on digital, we’ve been releasing CD albums at glacier pace since 1997. This, however, is our first piece of vinyl. At last count, It’s a limited pressing of 500 copies (Apparently, 300 was too much of a pain in the ass for the manufacturers to deal with us, so we had to up the count). Test pressings are floating around Montreal as I type, the plate is done right on all counts, props to Man Made Mastering for this one.

The smart eBay in 5 years money says pre-order.

Distro of this record will be done by WWW.JUNGLEX.CA - INTERNATIONAL VINYL DISTRIBUTION. Get your local shop heads or yourselves in on the action because once these 500 records are gone, they’re gone.

It’s 3:30 AM on a Thursday and I just got back, drunk off my ass, from the debut of Rinseout in Montreal where I saw both Subtone and Zark Behida among most every head in the 514 for a ten DJ lineup. Montreal based record shop owner Corey K was nice enough to tell me that our record is out and for sale in his shop, DNA records. No one involved with TROTCH has copy of this record.

Read that again…

That’s right, this record is so rare that no one involved has a copy yet. WTF?! Can someone get me a copy?

This record is NOW AVAILABLE! Contact Chris aka Rcola at WWW.JUNGLEX.CA - INTERNATIONAL VINYL DISTRIBUTION for ordering info.