suggestion according to rendering...

just a suggestion:
rendering a song as wav with better settings (arguru’s sinc, 48kHz, 32Bit) takes a lot of time and of course the cpu is at 100%. It would be very usefull, if there is a “pause”-key, so that there is the possibility to pause rendering for a while and then resume it again…
(because - once rendering is started - i have the choice: wait an hour to do something on my comp, or stop rendering and starting again from the beginning…)

iirc i suggested it already… ages ago…

and what’s about effects that sound not ends exactly with the end of the pattern, like reverb?`

in my mind this is the problem on pause/resume too … is it possible to stop rendering without losing the complete sound … don’t now exactly :blink:

of course it’s possible, that’s “render” mean, it just calculate the samples and write them into a file, it doesn’t care about time or speed.

hey, it’s great idea btw! make some “low priotity rendering mode” button, very nice one.

Indeed. And its very easy to code. So we we should go for this solution for 1.26.

I just want to add that a “Loop Song” button and a “Time Limit” input-text (see ModPlug Tracker rendering dialog box) could be great (imo)