Suggestion: Community thread for swapping FX Chains :)

Hello Renoise’ers!

What do you think about a FX-Chains or FX-Effect’s swapping channel? Users could upload their self maked FX Constructs with a short Description and/or a short example sample. What you think about this idea?

  1. Good
  2. Bad
  3. Not needed this shit
  4. Exist already

happy tracking :slight_smile:


You can copy and paste the device chains from one site to another. The only thing different is the routing of the first link in the chain and some effects devices that are not available on both sites, like the “*Instr. …” devices.

You can also load or save any effect chain with a specific name in “xrnt” format, valid for both. So you can share with your friends. But you must take into account all the routes.

I thought if i save the Device chain the routing is integrated?! if i load the devicechain to a specific mixerchannel it should sound like the originalchannel or not?

Wow so much feedback… +1 for the community

No. I will try to explain it with an scheme:

Device chain (for track or sample effects):


In the [PREVIOUS LINK] (red frame of the image) you have the “Routing”, where the audio is sent after processing all the links (PREVIOUS LINK + green frame of the image) in the chain + POSTERIOR LINK.

When you copy and paste an effect chain with Device Chain → Copy/Paste, Renoise just copies and pastes the links in the green frame, without PREVIOUS and POSTERIOR parameters.

Routings are “variable” parameters. An effect chain can be used in any song, regardless of the number of tracks or regardless of the sound cards installed in your computer.

  • The effects chain of a track can be routed to the master or to a sound card or a one “send track” (using routing devices).
  • The effects chain of a sample can be routed to existing tracks or to other subsequent sample effect chains.

If the track (or sample) is routed to another track X, the final sound will also be the whole process of the effects chain on this track X. It’s like adding chunks of chains one after the other.

In summary, all the PREVIOUS LINK and POSTERIOR parameters are not part of the information to be copied / pasted / saved.

An LUA tool could take care of saving and reassigning these parameters (Routing, Pre Paning, Pre Volume, Width, Delay… and Post Volume, Post Panning). Now, think that Width and Delay are not in the effects chain for the sample.

Another question you might ask yourself. If the final track to routing does not exist, which one do you finally route? All of this should be thought through before scheduling a file to save data or a clipboard.

You will usually find answers to most of your questions in these forums. Most people are friendly, with a few exceptions, and if they know about it they bother to answer. But don’t wait by looking at the clock.

I never use a pre Fx. but i dont get what you say me. The loaded fx chain can set to master or what other it needs.(at least for Post Fx)

Not even to automate?

If you never modify the Routing, Pre Paning, Pre Volume, Width, Delay … and Post Volume, Post Panning parameters (PREVIOUS LINK and POSTERIOR LINK) that are also part of the process, the final sound result that you perceive with the effect chain (green frame of the image) will sound the same on the source track and on the destination track that you copied this effect chain if in addition, you don’t do any more routing within the effects chain with some kind of send. (green frame of the image). You will need to keep all of these details in mind before creating a text short description.

I’m just pointing out that the final sound you perceive from each track depends on all of these factors, not just the effects chain (all those devices that are within the green frame).

To add a short description you can to use a separate text file (txt format), or something, where to add these descriptions regarding the names of each xrnt file to be able to share with the community.

If you make packages of several xrnt files, a single text file with the description from each of them would be enough.

Another thing is that you want that description to be within the libraries in the “Budled Content” (effects, modulation, keyzones…). As far as I know this does not exist. On the other hand, instrument libraries can have description (you can only edit the text when creating the library, not from Renoise). I’m not even sure how to create libraries of this type for Renoise.

Point 3 for me:

Why? Because I can’t see the point of it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeahhh TNT aka FFN, we know your Mindset. :slight_smile:

Why so complicated? Start with the simpelst, minimalized Cases and try if the idea will used/accepted by community! I have not thought on track automatism or instrument FX. My intention was only to share nice track reverb/delay FX with internal devices. But i better search in the Renoise Discord Community for this kind of collaborism as here, i think.

Don’t ask for feedback if you can’t handle the results. :slightly_smiling_face:
And if you already know everything you should know that FFN neither is my name nor part of it.

are you asking if we should share our own doofers or also device chains for each purpose like mastertrack, basstrack, drums&percussion setup, etc pp?
like, it wouldn’t make much sense loading a devicechain/doofer, which was built for the mastertrack onto a lead or basstrack :slight_smile:

but sure whynot. i can share some of my chains & doofers. if this should get real.

If you want, join my Discord. Under the category “FX Chains” you find different channels for different FX like vocals, leads, master and so on.

happy tracking

there is a renoise discord server already. whynot join there and share your work there?
it’s not official by discord itself, yet but considered as the one and only renoise server.