Suggestion:Drumprocessor,Epic Arp

for some reason i cant post comments on the tool website anymore

so im posting here

would it be possible to be able to save/load presets in the drumprocessor and the epic arp??

Really saving separate features are not going to be implemented yet as “installing” the tool currently is causing the existing tool-folder to be completely erased. I guess it does not supposed to be the meaning that existing presets would be erased when installing a new tool.
But we could use the document write options (saving the current presets along with the song). The API has them, but we simply did not yet implemented these features yet.

it was also merely a feature request for future updates :D

I have a suggestion for the drum processor too!
First I want to hug the maker of this tool, it’s awesome.

As in renoise you can have up to 3 different effects per line, I would have 3 lines in the drum processor instead of one, so on each step you could have different effects, like 09, EXY and B0, that would be all kind of awesome.

If it would be possible to add a button to select more steps it would also be great, so you would have some like 4 buttons, one for step 1-16, one for 17-32 and so on.

But to be honest, that tool is already great as it is…