Suggestion For Advanced Edit

In the zap section of advanced edit it would be nice to have a “delete all dsp effects” or somthing similar. Maybe with a “delete unused/inactive dsps” too. What do you think?

Very good idea! My vote goes for this as well.

Additionally, delete unused tracks would be useful.

Both would be great to have.


Also, what about “Hide unused columns” to make more room on the screen.

How about “Clear all track data” (Track name, DSP chain, etc)… that way, you get rid of the DSPs AND the annoying track names from your previous track :P

Also add a button that deletes all the boring sheeet from my song. Actually… have a % setting for that button so I can keep just a little crap.

You know that you would risk loosing all your work if your whole song is crap?

It would be heartbreaking, but Renoise has just saved the world from my terrible cheese!

Yes, it would be a love hate relationship.

When’s that “Generate pop hit” button gonna be implemented anyway?

As soon as U2 / Phil Collins and a whole other bunch of big artists sign the contract to create the royalty free work as soon as the “generate pop hit” request form is sent to them in the background after pushing that button.
But so far, none of them seems to want to seed their own competition with their own material.
So i guess you either have to hire them as your manager or just do it yourself.