Suggestion For "save Each Pattern Into A Separate File"

If I enable “save each pattern into a separate file” and begin to render my song, Renoise creates all the files before they are fully rendered:


If I stop the render before it is finished, these files remain on my hard disk, but they are invalid (44 bytes in length for anything which did not get rendered). It would be nice if Renoise could perform a clean up and remove these unrendered files.

If I have stopped a render then it is probably just to quickly change a setting and then begin the render again, in which case Renoise would overwrite these incomplete files anyway… but, it would still be nice if they could be cleaned up, in case I decide not to complete the render until another time. Good hard disk etiquette :)


Would be even better if silent /and/ empty files get deleted, or?

Hmm… that’s an interesting question. My original thought was that it would just be nice to automatically erase the totally blank files which are almost zero-length. As far as blank patterns in the song itself, well I think those should probably be rendered. Whatever the structure of your song is, that’s what your rendered result should be. I think it would be more confusing if they were not included. For example, if you planned to process them later in another application, possibly joining them back together again (talk about futile!), you would expect the silent patterns to be included.

Unless you meant something else, heh.


Maybe Renoise can write a simple log about which files were deleted cause of silence and which ones rendered, to prevent confusion and perhaps make rendering of silent files optional but i personally don’t get it, why they could be useful for something.

To be honest I wouldn’t care either way. I certainly have no use for empty/silent pattern .wav’s :) I was merely imagining a situation where someone might require it.