Suggestion For The Ideas & Suggestions Forum

Topic says it all.

How about some of the more popular requests being made into polls so devs and anyone interested can get an at-a-glance look at how popular the idea is?

[good idea]
[bad idea]

The topic titles could maybe also be suffixed by the moderators (much like the bug reports do) to give an indication of how difficult / big a task it would be to implement.


With no promises being made of course, these two things could give us users an idea of how likely it is the feature will be implemented in upcoming versions.

Nonsense? What do people think?

[good idea]


Someone who doesn’t care about a feature will not care to give any rating at all, so we will end up in 5 stars (someone cares) or no stars (noone cares). Same with the +1: there are no -1’s but there you at least see how many +1s we got.

But well, lets see if its just me being pessimistic or…

Hack the board to display not just the average rating, but the number of ratings as well?

  • don’t care, don’t rate
  • like the idea, rate +5
  • hate the idea, rate +0

At least it gives forum addicts more stuff to do :P

I Love Ideas about Ideas! (& suggestions)

maybe an ‘opt in’ board bombardment of idea decisions!

i read with some high price software what happens with features is for each reg holder their name is put in a list accordingly to a feature design. more names rank priority. this being a public forum it may not work, however backstage might. (if users know to go)

but really after seeing many feature threads, instead of this many points that many points. users equalling +1 seems logical.

when the hell did this +1 stuff start anyway.

9-11, ofcourse

dont you mean 9-12 :P

I think this is a better idea then +1 posts.