Suggestion: Knobs For Master Spectrum

It would be useful to have spectrum slope knob (0 - -6dB/oct), amplitude range min and max knobs and average time response knob in Renoises spectrum analyzer. And also few more features posted here: here.
It’s not that hard to implement, is it?
Anyone agree?

The knobs idea is great. Though I’d prefer sliders.

Yes this is great!

+1 ^_^

+1 - mostly because i find the Master Spectrum a very lonely place; there’s so little options compared to all the other parts of Renoise. and it’s a big piece of screen, so enough room for some more options!

maybe the ability to choose the number of frequency bands ?


yes, the resolution knob/slider could do great job, as the spectrum resolution in bas/subbas range is to low to do finetuning.

in general, frequency resolution in the low bands is coarse.

yes, but VST Voxengo Spectrum Analyzer does it somehow much better. Voxengo SPAN