Suggestion: Pattern Matrix/editor Swap Function

This would be nice.
At the moment cut and paste overwrites the pattern under and leaves blank space where you cut from. Ho about having a pattern swap function for the pattern editor and matrix. Eg you cut with ctrl + X and then use a swap hotkey and the void left from cutting is filled with the sequence you will be overwriting when you paste.
This would be excellent for live use in the matrix

Anybody??? No? Ok. :(

I’m definitely +1

I’ll try scripting for 2.6 it if it doesn’t happen for 2.5

You the man, Conner!
I have wanted this for a very long time!!!

You would always paste back the stuff that you cut to the clipboard just a moment ago.
This would require some trickery with swapping clipboard contents using the other 3 clipboards…
With the scripting engine, programming such option seems more the right direction to put this in.