Suggestion: Pattern Matrix Solo Option

suggestion: pattern matrix solo option. the same as mute options… only for solo

btw … i should i be sleeping… but this jamming is just so much fun… :blink:


heh same here. I think it won’t take long or I’ll be creating tracks live instead of sequenced. Putting some recorder plug on the master out and tweak the render in wavelab.

hi jonas… yes indeed !! ;] i think i might go that way also… it feels so natural… o0

regarding the solo suggestoin… i just realised there is also the play/mute at the top of the pattern matrix so one could use that to solo tracks… but im not sure yet if it lets you solo multiple tracks that way…? will try later.

even better would be that all your actions can be recorded as automation including sequenceselections and mute/solo stuff in a way you can then edit the performance to perfection…

and THEN export the audio.