Suggestion/question: Resampling?

I just can’t find a way to turn off resampling without also disabling the VST blahness. It’s not like resampling magically makes everything sound better - in some cases it just removes useful harmonics, and make the waveform duller.

For a lot of low pitched noises 'n stuff, it removes that “computer game” feel.

To show the problem, I modified, and exported a part of an ohc entry I did a while back.

Here is what it’s supposed to sound like.

Here’s what resampling does to it :(

I’m gonna register Renoise, because it is in all other ways an awesome tracker. But I will have to find a VSTi sampler that lets me do this.

Well, I use that a lot :D However, it can’t recreate the absence of resampling. Nothing can :(.

Sure, the samplerate reducer (quality slider) isn’t resampled, but that doesn’t help here.

And you did try rendering using cubic interpolation right?

Awh, sorry didn’t noticed you still had to register Renoise…

Trouble is that resampling cannot feel for you what it should or shouldn’t patch up for you and using “low” quality samples that have various side-effects actually fitting the song but being in the resample tables as “undesired” sideeffects, will be removed.

If you do register Renoise and use it’s cubic interpolation renderer, you will get the output as you hear it in the tracker.

“If you do register Renoise and use it’s cubic interpolation renderer, you will get the output as you hear it in the tracker.”

But that’s what I don’t want! Interpolation is bad. I intend to hear/render it without any interpolation whatsoever - with those lovely side effects that Renoise works so hard to remove.

But just being able to turn off resampling for the entire program would be useful for someone like me who don’t think sound quality is always equal to music quality. Having it adjustable per instrument would totally rule!

If I could, I’d always have resampling off! Bellow is some examples why:

(these are made with Modplug Tracker, like my previous example)

Emulator With Resampling (blergh!)
Emulator Without Resampling (Yay!)
Sahara Blizzard With Resampling
Sahara Blizzard Without (bass gets much better)
Some Silly Drums With Resampling
Some Silly Drums Without Resampling (sounds much better, doesn’t it?)

:o Thanks a lot! Well, all my stuff at is free :D The only tracked songs there are Sahara Blizzard, Rush Hour 3am and Timeless Temporary. The rest was made with a hardware gear which is now… broken :(

I’m currently working on this tune. Actually my first renoise tune. Yeah, since I’m not a registred user yet, I recorded the soundcard output. But hey! I’ll register soon! Promise! I’ll have the money in like 18 days.

With cubic, it does not remove anything you don’t want to…
At least:it should render the song as it sounds in the tracker.

If you mean that it doesn’t sound allright in the tracker, then there’s not much more i could really think of other than using one of the DSP effects or instrument envelope filters to degrade the sample in some sort of way.

That’s indeed the problem. But whatever. I’ll go hunt for a VSTi sampler which lets me do this… I’m sure there is one lurking somewhere. If you accidently find one (I havn’t yet), please tell!

I shouldn’t complain anyway. Renoise IS fantastic in all other ways.

Thanks :)

YAY :lol:

I found the solution!

Fantastic chip VSTi which deserves a way better webpage, erm…

A chip synth which lets you paint one cycle in the waveform, and play that one. No interpolation evilness! And with Renoise, it’s even easy to modulate the points in the waveform itself (lfo device->vst automate device->point in waveform) - which sounds fantastic! Perfect for the nasty basses 'n stuff.

HeY!?.. it’s the plugin i used as example to display vsti’s without native effect parameter editors.

the gui version used to be payware but now it’s free.

nifflas: you will probably also like YM vst if you don’t know it already
AtariST sound.
btw, your music: really cool.

Atari ST chipsound VSTi? :dribble: Thanks like a whole lot of much for linking to that one! Gonna try it at once!

Yepp, it’s one cool VSTi.

And for the few Mac-users around here, apulsoft just ported it, now me happy ;)