Suggestion - Render / Bounce Out Groups

I like the option in renoiseto bounce out individual tracks - how feasiblewould it be to just bounce out groups?

More often than not its the groups I’m after

+1 on this

At the minute I just solo the group and render it out as full song then repeat for each subsequent group. Granted it’s not the most efficient process, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.

Yeah, a render groups would save time. I’ve just spent 2 hours doing it that way…

Also an option to bounce out bypassing master FX would have meant I didnthave to do them all again :C :C :C

I guess the fastest way of doing this is to export all as individual tracks then delete what you dontwant…but it takes much longer to render

Yeah it’s actually made me change my workflow to be honest. I try to do as much as I can now without groups just to save myself the hassle of having sort stuff out later on down the line. Hopefully in a newer version something like a group render will get implemented.

Maybe you can adjust this script to your needs? Instead of going through each instrument you could make it go through each group instead. While it would not fully save you time like a properly implemented split group feature at least you wouldn’t have to babysit your PC for all the groups to render and it could also take care of disabling master effects as needed.