Suggestion: Renoise Irc Client

the new irc in renoise is cool

but would like to have a minimize irc GUI button on it

so you can be able to minimize it,when you have alot of stuff going on the screen


(Would it be impossible to be able to stream your audio live through the irc tool for collaboration efforts, some kind of private room where pressing play sends your trackage to the other side?)

Try the following attachment and tell me if “hiding” the window works.

I’ve added a buffering function so that you can “hide” the window using a shortcut key or simply click the tool in the help menu.

The shortcut for hiding is ctrl+alt+c, in the preferences keyshortcuts -> Global -> Tools you can set the same shortcut for the Show/Hide IRC chat function.

If you want to change the keycombo to hide from within the dialog you have to change this part in the chat_key_handler function:

 if (key.modifiers == "alt + control" and key.character == "c") then  
 chat_hidden = true --Do not log off when closing the chat dialog!!  

Would be nice if we could perhaps also read the keyshort cut preferences and know for sure that the key matches the user configured shortcut. Makes it easier to keep shortcut keys synchronized without having to manually adjust this on two places.

I cannot get used to the search functionality of this forum software. Instead I simply use google… Some automatic link to the official tool discussion would be nice. Like in the download section.

Search problems aside,

Eatme: There is on the page, for every or nearly every tool, the “Discuss this tool on the Renoise Forum” button.

No one is really holding back the tool writers from inserting the link in the tool itself, for example the description. There’s even a homepage tag in the manifest file.