Suggestion: Snap To Pattern Length

When working with long vocal tracks, I usually cut the sample to parts that are equal in length to the one of my pattern. This way I have a vocal note at the beginning of each pattern, and it is easy to work on a single pattern like that.

The lowest resolution of the snapping is “Beat” - why not add another snapping mode - “Pattern”? This will of course be done based on the selected pattern length.

What about adding “Lines” instead? Snapping to patterns which you dont see and which change while playback can be tricky and confusing…

Hmm. I see the problem with songs that have varying pattern lengths.
When you say lines, you mean that users will be able to choose the number of lines to snap to? If so, then yes, this sounds like a good alternative.

No the rulers measuring base will be a line. As simple as that. If your pattern is 64 lines long you simply mark until grid/line 64…


That would make dealing with longer samples a whole lot less of a wrestling match.

Line is too small.
In my case, lines will not help, since I already have a “Beat” which is more suitable.
Sometimes I have a vocal sample that is 5 minutes long, and I need to chop it - so chopping with Beat is a good alternative now, but chopping with line will not help.

Only chopping by Pattern length, or customizable Lines length - so I can customize it to chop at say, 256 lines - will improve my situation.

In other words, I suggested to add a resolution that is lower than beat, not higher.

Another way of adding lower resolution for the simplification of long sample chopping, is to simply add some multiplies of Beat.
2 Beats
4 Beats
8 Beats
16 Beats

Of course, this is less flexible, but may be a good compromise if you want to avoid adding customizable snap method, which will require an input field for the user to select the number of lines (or Block Size)