Suggestions For Better Look And Feel

I would like to start this thread so people can add small suggestions which are not really a bug but would be very much appreciated because they make renoise behave better, save time, are more comfortable or anything. I mean things like those two I am proposing now :

  1. a option called “jump to sample 00 when changing instrument”.
    this means that whenever I change my instrument, renoise will automatically select sample 0 in that instrument. the reason is simple : it happens often that I am building drumkits, then I go to another instrument to load some sample and after I load it I cant play it because I loaded it into sampleslot 5 or x of that instrument, which means sampleslot 0 is still empty. This happens very often to me, and it would just be nice if such an option would exist.

  2. I already proposed that one, but I am not sure if anyone read this :
    in the diskbrowser, when I load a sample, doubleclick left should load the sample into the current sample slot, while a rightlclick loads the sample into the next empty slot in the instrument. great for chopped up beats and similar.

these are my 2 small things, feel free to post others.

I have a small one… one of the things I miss since the Amiga time, not only in trackers but if all programs.

Suggestion: Right click drop down lists to switch to the next choice without showing the whole list.

Suggestion: Right click drop down lists to switch to the next
choice without showing the whole list.

What do you mean, next choice? And right click where?

i think it could be also released as “remember sample cursor position of each instrument”.

make it better like: rightclick = loads to the next empty instrument slot, ctrl+rightclick = loads the sample into the next empty slot in the instrument.

my ones:

  1. bring back “detete” and “insert” working in edit off mode. it’s pointless to disable them in edit off mode. those key dont’t do anything else except their main functions.

  2. double click at any number which shows some value of effect pops up a small box right under the number to enter custom floating point number. sometime you need a more accurate than slider gives, in some delays effect for example.

  3. sound forge’s clipboard support. i think it’s quite standart wave data because even my clipboard utility supports it. the best way would be when you can paste this data as sample or as instrument.

  4. in diskop start showing drives letters from “c” instead “a”. i got many drives but i rare use “a”, in renoise - never actually. and i have to scroll all the time.

more’s coming soon…

i think he mean click on any drop down list in general. for example right click on vsti drop down list switch to the next available vsti.

an old wish but still a desire:
different font/ size for notes and volume,panning and efx. also different colors would be great. just take a look at modplug.

also a smaller pattern font in general… the more tracks i can see at one glance the better.
again, modplug excels all other trackers in that respect… it has a very small font, that is still very readable on high display resolutions.

Well, I think that instead of a right click there does that, a right click here does that, a double right click+ ctrl does this, and a shift double right + tripple left click does it.

I would rather se a right click meny. When you rightclick on something it brings up the different options…Its not allways as fun or as fast but its a standard, its more flexible, its much better for beginners.
And it eliminates needs for buttons.

And don’t forget about < sample pre-listern before load > ability!

Currently - both leftclick and right causes same action - sample load. But left-one-click - is still unused. If “headhones” option switched on, i suggest to assign left-one-click to sample PRE-listern (but not load)

Usually if i doubted - stay w/ curr. sample or pick another - i copying curr. sample and start choosign another. In case if i want it back - i pasting it back. This is a sick workaround and sometimes i forget to use it and accidently killing a good sample ! (and i don’t remember where it located! / and undo unabled also) :o :angry: oh i really angry when it happens…

So i think pre-listern ability would be Very usefull also…

And another idea on fly:
it would be nice to have ability to swith SOLO, OFF or MUTE on AUX send tracks and MASTER track.
It very usefull when editing and tune up compressor’s and other VST’s on send and master tracks !

  1. smooth track scrollbar scrolling with constant and proper size of it. currently it looks and works weird a bit. as far as i can see it size depend on number of tracks, it’s wrong and looks weird when there is some tracks with many note/command columns. the size of the scrollbar should depends on number of all columns (in all tracks) in general. smooth scrolling would be aslo very nice.

  2. sometime ago i got an idea about make little “-” button in a dsp slot which should subtract output and input audio data, then you can listen/use difference between out wet and dry. i guess it quite usefull because you can easy mute dry signal in effects that doesn’t have “mute dry”, for example renoise’s native delay (sorry taktik, i forgot to mention about this one when wrote to ya :) )

In the Track DSP window, when ‘Current’ is selected, then you get the VSTs you have on this track. It would be nice to be able to drag and drop the names in the list to move the order, instead of having to use ‘move up/down’.
Also, a right click on one name of the list could do a ‘GOTO VST’. It could be useful when you have plenty of VST per track.

A few “small” suggestions I have made before as this thread says :) :

  • Automatic track naming

  • Right clicking DSP on/off button resulting in equivalent command being recorded in the pattern editor

  • Scrolling past the end of a block in block looped mode to result in being at beggining of block rather than leaving block

  • being able to set the default octave for the virtual keyboard

  • Controlling individual track on/off via keyboard shortcuts i.e.
    ctrl + no. pad buttons (only example default)

  • An “initial” button on “all” DSP sliders etc to reset each slider to its default setting.

  • A border added at the beggining and end of the sample window in the sample editor. When trimming samples it is sometimes difficult to tell if you are trimming the full amount you want, as the window stops before the ending of the black background.

  • An option when scrolling through patterns manually to go to the beggining of each pattern (line 00) as you scroll. This would be particularly useful when creating patterns of differing length. With the current system if you scroll in looped mode from the end of a pattern of half length (32 lines) to a full pattern, you end up playing halfway down that pattern (line 32).

  • new small suggestion:

Don`t know if this is possible already and would be grateful if someone could tell me if it is, but the ability to have a single command for noteoff for all the columns in a track rather than just for one column.

  1. undo / redo for all areas (not only pattern)
  2. “Pre-Click” for Value-Points in the Automation-Tab, every time i wanna “read” the value, i am moving the Automation-Point to the up or down. :(
  3. Possibility to range Parts of existing Automation-Points and copy/paste them to another part, and maybe process them.

thats all for the moment

  • Dropdown boxes for parameters on a VstAutomateDevice.

  • Windows clipboard.

  • More shortcuts please :)

  • Even though I know it’s not a popular suggestion, I’ll toss in the ‘freeze/lock’ function, where vst’s are momentarily ‘rendered’ with the track to an audiofile streamed from the harddisc. Running out of cpu? Press ‘freeze’ at the end or in the middle of a vst chain and watch the cpu counter drop. Need to adjust the wetness of the reverb? Press ‘unfreeze’ and tweak away. Doesn’t it all sound sweet folks? From what I’ve heard, this is possible. We’re still years from being able to run everything real time. (…no, please, I’m a bleeder and bruise easily!)

I really like looza’s suggestion for loading a chopped up beat.

this is already planned.

If I’ve understood well, you’re already a registered user.

If so, go on the user page (where you download latest registered versions), on the bottom of the page folloe the WIP link and look for “undo in sample editor”, then vote for it. Your vote will push the priority of this feature up.

Hi IT-Alien:

I know about that poll, but i thought about a undo/redo also for automation or the Instument-Section.

so long :)

Hi to everyone! :D

I’d like to suggest to introduce tooltips in Renoise. For example, it would be great to see current envelope-points values directly passing the mouse over them, without needing to move and restore their position to see the actual value in the bottom bar. It could be also used to display the full names of the instruments with long ones.
Someone agrees? :ph34r:

bye :yeah:

Someone agrees? :ph34r:

Yes, :) as long as it was possible to switch on/ off. Think this suggestion has been made before (or similar) to incorperate explainations for functions of buttons etc. in renoise to help when learning. Think both sound good.

is it possible right now to increase the width(girth:) appearance of the tracks in the pattern-editor? I haven’t dug into the program enough to find this out yet , so excuse my stupidity :slight_smile: I don’t mean adding tracks, I know how to do that, but to me the physical appearance is to small …I’m accustomed to the big-ass madtracker layout.


I find the window to choose your vst-fx from in the dsp screen very small and hard to choose a preferred effect quickly. Since I have a lot of effects stored in my vst folder, it would be nice to be able to scroll right , or enlarge the screen to the right .similar as you’d scroll through the effect parameters when chosen an effect. ( hope I make sense , my english is terrible) It’s just a suggestion, not a disaster I can’t overcome if not implemented in future release , but since you guys actually listen to input from users .I thought I’d share.