suggestions for rns1.2.1

i’ve used the new renoise for about an hour, and it seems very good. the new features are great, but a few obvious improvements came to mind; i think you’ll agree with them:

  1. ability to name sendtracks (unless this is already implemented and i missed it :P)

  2. ability to hide/unhide the master & sendtracks (again, this may already be there). they clutter the screen a little.

perhaps the sendtracks could exist in a separate ‘field’ to the sample patterns? one with an X in the top-right. this would also make it better for people working on a large (more than 8 tracks) song.

right now, for instance, if you’re working on track 1 (of an 8+ tracks song), the send/master tracks are offscreen, and working with them simultaneously is a little tricky.

i’m sure you understand what i mean :D

and there were some others but i forgot them. i’ll write them down next time i’m using renoise and i think of them. :D

good work though, the sendtracks are VERY well-done. they’d be perfect in my mind with those two small inclusions.

oh! yes

it would also be great if you could just highlight (for copy/paste purposes) a single note column in a track. right now the entire track gets highlighted.

i have an inkling this might be a little tricky to program - but you can do it! :D

about sendtracks navigating :
what keys do we need ?
maybe one for “jump to the send used by this track”
and another one for “jump to master and back to the last used track” ?
any ideas what the default mapping for these functions should be ?

taktik: have you read my post about pattern-splitview? do you think this can be done without too much hassle? then a shortcut could be assigned to “open new splitview with mastertrack” and all sendtracks and sendtracks used by the current track.

anyway, it you don’t find room for it in the current keyboard layout, you can always add shorcuts without assigning them. (the default keyboardlayout might need a complete “redesign” sometime in the future, since many new shortcuts are added)

i hadn’t actually thought this far ahead, haha. i’m not sure. obviously the Hide/Unhide Sendtracks button would just on the far-right column (i am sure there is room). you can probably think of workable shortcut keys for this; you have more experience in that field than i do. ;)

as for the “jump to sendtrack used by (etc)”, you could perhaps just have the sendtrack effects appear in the track’s DSP list, just with a clearly defined border between which DSP’s belong to that track, and which belong to the sendtrack (i wish i could explain this better; i’m sure you understand though). actually that might get a little messy, so i dunno…

as for where the jump-to-sendtrack button could appear: i can’t remember exactly how the screen is layed out at present, but surely there could just be a tiny button next to the field where you select the sendtrack. i think that would work. again, you’re probably the best to think of a shortcut key. :D

good luck (and try to keep us posted on what you decide to do ;))