Suggestions : Instruments List


i think we can consider widescreen something of a casual equipement by now so i was thinking wouldn’t it be great to have the instrument list replace the advanced pattern editor operation tab, because the instrument list on top right corner is a bit small atm.

or instead of replacing it it could be merged with it, anyway to make the instrument list bigger and use the widescreen space to the best :)

anyway you got the point.

I think that renoise’s GUI can be enhanced in many aspects by minor changes. One of these can be what you desire. I hope such changes will be implemented in further versions.

edit: I like the current GUI of renoise, yet I wish it was more flexible and customizable, and of course it has the potential. I discussed some changes in this thread times ago.

i really like the "one-window"style gui renoise has,and love how easy it is to switch between pattern view,mixer view etc

but im also for the gui to be more customizable(think reaper)