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Hiya. I have tried running renoise at 0.33ms latency, and it works with realtime threads, and a professional firewire card.
However I want to try even lower latencies. Or atleast down to 0.1ms. The problem also is though that this consumes extreme amounts of cpu, but with my upcoming 6core cpu, I can always use a core for latency ;) If extreme cpu usage is also linked due to GUI-update timer, being divded off buffer, or anything like that, I would like to see a vsynced timer instead (or similar), to reduce that cpu-usage.

PS: Even on hda-soundchip, there are only a few clicks at 0.33ms latency now.

Also related tidbit:

John Carmack Quakecon 2012: “Doom 3 is still taxing on a modern PC”.
He talks about only being able to run it at 30 fps on consoles. And simplified the engine for Rage, to be able to do 60 fps.

Doom 3 does 3 passes to OpenGL, and is very sensitive to jitter.

However on a LOW-JITTER linux kernel + config, you can run it gliding and silky smooth at 72 FPS, showing no taxation at all.

And it does not need to be the latest hardware. A core2duo + gtx280 will do.

For more info:

A windows approximation can be found here:

Windows will not run doom 3 as well, and still drop frames, but it will help “microstutter”.

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This sounds like a very wet dream on Windows.

I thought the brand new Focusrite Ethernet Audio Interfaces were boasting about 3 millisecond latency. That is 10x more latency than 0.33ms

Edit = Boy, I’d like to afford one lol…

“Focurite said”
*Latency performance under 3ms assumes a DAW buffer setting of 32 samples or less.

Heya on windows XP you can run with 1ms, with good firewire devices, after the windows-tweak. Also, on recent Intel E5 (w/ direct io) workstations, 1ms works without tweaking! I highly recommend E5 if you are on windows. Linux seems to work quite well on lower spec`ed hardware, but ofcourse Intel E5, is going to “rock” on linux aswell. :)

For professional soundcards, cards like RME Fireface UCX, with more than one bit converters, seem good.

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I stopped reading there :slight_smile:

That would be a Sample Rate of 96kHz, Frames/Period of 32(or 16) and Periods/Buffer of 1(and 2) wouldn’t it? I also thought those numbers sounded a little unreasonable. Even if you double the Sample Rate so you can double the Buffer.

There are backwards people out there, who actually argue FOR lost frames, FOR high latency etc. They would probably stop reading, anywhere gay agendas are not, realizing cottaging is not found there.

For those who have ever had an Amiga, where tracking comes from, you need ~0.2ms latency, to get a similar response from the keyboard.

And that is what I want :) 1 ms is quite good, but even that can be improved.

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I’m just really curious how you do this

i second that :)

I never had problems with this on Windows using ASIO (in that regard the ESI ESP1010e is really perfect in timing), only with directsound depending on the buffering the latency can get larger.