Summertime Quiet

Download mp3: Summertime Quiet

This is a version of a previously release collaboration with Henriette Isabella Berggren, entitled Summertime In Bureaucratic Portions. The blurb goes as follows:

Fast forward to now, I was doing some spring cleaning of files and stumbled upon the file. Instantly the drums seemed a little misplaced, so I muted them. My ears fell into the deep chords and how Henriette’s voice floated above them like some half whispered dream. A quick edit and remastering resulted in what we have here, a quiet mix.

My imagination wanders… Again this is tense heat, but at night. A sweaty dream that boarders between bliss and nightmare.

This is very good for a rainy day mood. I agree about the drum version how they might sound misplaced however it does start to groove nicely at the 1:59 mark. after the drums drop out and the rest of the song floats( from 3:01 and on…)that’s haunting beautiful, like something one would here from a This Mortal Coil album. I would say if you still want drums in there, try some djembe/tribal sounds

this is every bit as good as Bureaucratic Portions. very warm. it is neat to be able to hear the details in the instrumentation without the drums pounding at your brain. i’ll add it to my foo? playlist!

Thanks Io!

Robotrobot thanks for the suggestions. My ears are quite over the piece now and I’m ready to move on :)

Women love the ninja ;)