Sunjammer Is No More

I feel like sort of a pretentious prick “announcing” this, but still. I’m not producing music as Sunjammer anymore. Number of reasons, none of are worth going into in detail. Put a little blog post up about it if anyone cares.

I hope you’re not done producing period… I fucking love your shit dude.

If you stop making music, I’m gonna have to go to Oslo and find you so you can personally witness my epic facepalm.

you dead mon?

I’m hereby requesting that you release whatever Sunjammer tracks you have so that we can hear the now defunct Sunjammer project in all it’s glory!

Good luck in whatever direction you pave.

I personally don’t see your “announcing” as pretentious, but more of a confessional. Maybe that’s the Victorian era inside me but nonetheless a fitting perception to a reflection I see in me as well. Allow me to add my own confession which may or may not reflect to your situation. I struggle to master musical techniques because I’m afraid that I may not have anything worth communicating at all or worse, broken communication because of distorted insecurities that battle my mind leading to a fearful result of “this shit fuckin sucks”. I figure, well, as long as the techniques are there, I can push aside the hollowness that has been carved away from me over the years. Thankfully my need to figure things out saw that I need to integrate musical techniques with the one thing that’s left worth communicating… shhh, its a secret.

I know what you’re going through (had a similar problem 12 years ago), but your negative feelings aren’t everlasting.
If music comes from within you, then the desire to compose will return eventually.
The only good reason to stop with this is if you were only in it for the money and you don’t make any dime anylonger.

My 2 cents:just make stuff when you feel like it and simply just release it.
Stop caring if you reach a million’s audience or just 2 listeners.
It’s your stuff and represents your feelings.
Who cares that you only produce one or two songs one year and 12 the other?
It’s not a race.

Yes! A moment of confession!

I recognise your situation (what parts of it you shared with us anyway)
a LOT, Sunjammer, as I’ve been through something of the same myself
only too recently.

And there’s a way out, too. As much as a fire needs fuel, so our
creative output needs fuel. But as opposed to the fire, creative output
doesn’t run on diesel or lpg alone. Perhaps taking some time off from
the scene you’re involved in musically can get you more in touch with
who you want to be in music.

At least for myself, I was beginning to become a parody of my own work
by dramatizing what I thought OTHERS would define as my music. So I
started wondering why my music hadn’t changed over the years, while I
myself had. With blood, sweat and tears I yanked myself free from that
self-made box marked ‘botb’, not caring for any scene it should fit in
or dancefloor it should be played at. Square one: make music, whatever
it sounds like, as long as I feel content with it.

Four months ago I wanted to declare Benefit of the Boomerang dead,
but I was very lucky to have some sort of creative epiphium by pure
damn chance.

Music is one of those few things nobody can take away from you.
That also means you can’t simply kill your music and bury it unnoticed.
Whatever shit is going on in your private life, I’m sure you’ll be back
with ‘us’ sooner than you might think. At least know we’re awaiting your
‘return’ with great anticipation!


I’ve been inspired by your music, the way you put noise in ambient was partly what helped me find my own form (which I haven’t fully explored yet, I’m biding my time).

Best of luck, hope you find peace man! Wether this is a break or an end of your music, you have harnessed huge amounts of respect throughout the scene and will always be welcomed back. :)

I just checked your myspace and you’re the guy who made that Airports track! I love that track. But I don’t quite get what your saying. Are you quitting music or just looking for a fresh start? Maybe one will lead to the other.

Bring on the Moonjammer.

Haha thanks guys…

I think everyone’s right about everything. I’ve had so many ups and downs in terms of inspiration i should be immune by now, but the fact is it feels worse every time. This isn’t the first time i thought about laying the project dead.

The thing with a name and a project is that it tends to carry an ethos and philosophy. When you choose a name and stand by it for more than a year, and all of us have probably had dozens of project “flings” like that, it becomes symbolic of a lot of stuff. You build a certain expectation, not just for your audience but also for yourself, and it just becomes easier and easier to disappoint yourself.

So what’s in a name, right? What does it really mean to put down a project?

To me it means throwing the white flag and begging an audience for renewed faith. It means saying I can’t rely on myself to deliver what this name means anymore. I look at Sunjammer on discogs and my records are pretty much all on the hardcore/gabber side, and i haven’t made any proper hardcore techno in a very long time. Maybe one track in a year. At the same time i get requests for bookings, and i just know i won’t be able to give them what they hope for. Truth be told, i’d much rather play pure ambient or electro sets these days, with the occational disco track.

A name is only your own until it starts meaning product. I didn’t feel like anyone expected Sunjammer to change, and it became really hard to break out of the habit of trying to make this invisible “customer” happy.

Sunjammer was a long time in my life where i made a lot of hardcore techno, and that time is over. So it’s time to let that go and be a pure amateur again. Make some pretentious piano music, buy a mic and try singing some. Maybe find a new workflow, maybe find partners to work with? Prepostorous idea, but who knows?

Talking to The Enticer about putting our old label formally to rest as well. And starting a new mp3 based label with a unique method of delivery. Which might be interesting to this community. Hint hint.

All I have to say is: Screw genre expectations dude. You should seriously consider doing a multi-genre project where you can explore as many different sounds as you want… all in the same song perhaps. There’s no need to stick to genre conventions and every need to break them. I think the biggest problem with most electronic musicians, myself included, is that we come up with this concept of how a project should sound and we try to stick to it instead of exploring the genrescape and breaking barriers. The most captivating electronic musicians I’ve heard ignore those genre conventions entirely, and take their music wherever feels right at the moment.

Who cares if you end up with a gabber/ambient/jungle/polka/house/techno/industrial/drone/rock/trance LP at the end of it. At least it will represent all of your musical tastes and ambitions.


Also, the idea that acts can never change their genre is silly at best. Why should an artist have to start at ground zero again just to explore a different sound? I say, screw this multi-project madness, and just stick to one name. I’m BYTE-Smasher from here on in, and that’s all there is to it.

as a multigerne composer, I cannot agree more with BYTE-Smasher. Of course, words are nothing if you are obliged to satisfy people expectations (i.e.: you are a pro musician), but if you aren’t, then just free your mind and explore new horizons: if people liked your music instead of your genre, they will keep on following you.

I liked some of your past works, by the way :)

Well said. I was gonna say something similar but I think you summed it up quite eloquently :)

Create music to please yourself. Taking other people and their percepted expections into the equation makes things really complex.
We have a lot of options in life, and if making music doesn’t feel like one of them, thats cool. But you don’t just throw your opinion around, you actually have the gift of music making, and it’s always a shame when someone feels like abandoning it :(

Yeah. Do it for yourself.

Thanks =D … I also have one more thing to say on the subject: Ignoring one’s musical past is also silly. We should embrace that as well as our future possibilities. That being said: Where’s the Sunjammer box set? xD

Mate, keep the Sunjammer name, but just make the music you want!

No need to be so definite about it all

You never know, if you hit on a new sound, you will be seen as even more versitile than you already are.

DemoSong - Sunjammer - I Understand Now.xrns (1.3 MB)
I added drums to your song and used your device chain in the drum track