Sunvox For Android Demo

To test out the new Sunvox modular tracker app for android, I made a little beat, check it out:

Feedback is welcome - it’s nothing too serious though, recording quality’s a bit crap - webcam + mono audio interface…

nice ! didn’t know it was available for android.
there definately are WAY too few audio apps for android.
the only three of my knowledge that are worth a mention are:

  • TapeMachine (wav recorder)
  • G-Stomper (electribe-esque step sequencer)
  • Milkytracker (well, more or less just an xm/mod player on android)

anything else?

gonna check out sunvox now :)
thx for the info

I don’t have an Android device to give my own opinion but a friend recently made a post about this and said it’s worth a look.

looks promising, thanks.

Caustic is a really slick app. The dev recently introduced a looper app called loopstack which I haven’t tried yet. I also like most of the apps keith303 mentioned. Personally I was a bit disappointed with milkytracker though - the interface is definitely designed with a stylus in mind and the responsiveness isn’t great, even on my relatively new droid 3. Maybe using SDL is introducing some bottlenecks. Tapemachine and gstomper are sweet though.

Another great one is nanoloop for android, which is really powerful and has a really well-designed interface for the phone form factor. I’m often amazed by all the little tricks that you can squeeze out of what initially seems like a very limited toolset. I made another little vid for it a while ago (also with shitty video quality…):

There are other good apps that are worth mentioning, but don’t quite fit into my current working style:

  • Supreme MPA - nice mpc emulator, latency on my phone is a little high to get the the most out of this, though it could be good on other devices and is evolving pretty quickly
  • mikrosonic apps - SPC (live-esque loop sequencer) and RD3 (rebirth-esque 303+drum machine).
  • niko twenty apps - electrum (step sequencer + sampler), sonic chop (chop audio from your music library and save them as samples for use by other apps)

I’m probably fogetting some…

caustic 2 seems to be pretty popular. i’m sticking with sunvox for now though.

SunVox is available for Linux, Win32, OSX, iOS, and more as well.

I was using it on my Android tablet during a recent flight; very very cool.

They’re both pretty cool in very different ways. Caustic comes from the Propellerheads Reason/Rebirth tradition - instantly intuitive and with a UI that’s modeled after a hardware setup. Sunvox is more like a modern Buzz tracker - really powerful, with an interface that people either find unusable fall in love with.

I like both, but 303 emulators and 16-step sequencers don’t fit my style and taste so i tend to be more productive with sunvox and nanoloop.

BTW I recently discovered Audio Evolution for Android - basically a multitrack audio recorder / editor and it works beautifully. Better than a lot of the ios ones, imo…