SupaaDupaaLoopaa //Doofer

Hello my Homiezzz - LofiMat is Back with a Brandnuu Loopaaa!! Ja!!:crazy_face::cowboy_hat_face::dizzy_face:

Its like Taktikz LooperEcho wich come in Renoise BUT I made it loop longeeerrr much loooonnnggeerr.

So ALL funktionzz the same as yu kno already BUT this TIME it loops 5Sekondzz NOT juztz 2.

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All wrokz the same as before. This uses 1 TAP of the Multitap so we can LOOP 5SECZZ NOW!!

It alwayzz botherd Me that I can only loop 2 sekzz becaue my Trap beatzz need 4,5Sekz or soo not 2.

I hope Yu like my new Doofer & let me know

Love you guys from Berlin!!

PEACEEEEEEEEEEEE :space_invader:

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Proopppzzz @Neuro_No_Neuro forr keepin Real!!!

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