Bram from SmartElectronix has just released what sounds like a very cool eefect plugin, called SupaTrigga

Has anyone had any success using this in Renoise. For me, nothing happens. The audio just goes straight through. Which is a shame cos I really want to hear it working :o(

Is this a bug in the plugin, a bug in renoise, or am I doing it wrong?

If anyone has tried this effect, please let me know.


I was talking to Bram about this pugin on IRC the other day and he told me about a problem he had when he was coding it and it wouldn’t work in Live… Here’s his forum post about it.

I’m wondering if this is maybe the same problem Renoise is having with it. Regardless, it definitely does nothing to my audio stream but pass it through.

Hmm. OK, thanks. Shame it doesn’t work, sounds like a cool effect.

Any of the renoise developers fancy looking into this? :o)

I will take a look what I can do here to get it working :)

Yay! Thanks a lot taktik. :)

Good news. SupaTrigger works now with Renoise. I just fixed this, played with it for an hour and I start to love it :)


Best news ever!

Hurry up and release beta2 so that I can play with it too!!

Seriously, thanks taktik.

A question for Taktik:

Is there a chance for a Renoise 1.262 version (or a patch) that would make it possible to use the SupaTrigger under Renoise 1.261?

I’m having performance problems under 1.27b2 – a song that is playable under Renoise 1.261 on my Athlon XP 1600+/768MB DDR266 RAM/WinXP/DirectX on SBLive! with latency 100ms (90% peak CPU load) is not playable anymore under Renoise 1.27, no matter what latency – so I guess I’ll be using 1.261 for a while more, but I’d love to use SupaTrigger.