Super Basic Question - Entering Notes Manually

Hi. I am super noob so please bear with. Yes I have read the docs, and witnessed the vids. When I enter notes from a midi keyboard or computer (laptop - Macbook) keyboard, I’d like to be able to change the note afterword if I entered the wrong note. Like if I want to drop the octave, shouldn’t I be able to highlight the “5” in “G-5” and either use the “-” key to get to “4” as in “G-4”, or shouldn’t I be able to use the mouse to highlight the “G-5” and while highlighted, either select and holding then dragging downward with the mouse get the number to drop?

As it is, the only options I get are highlight in brown to move the note elsewhere, or double click to highlight in orange to enter a new note by playing a key.

Is there something I’m missing?

I hope I explained this right.

The closest thing to it is going to advanced edit and going to the “notes” section then hit [-12] to lower it one octave.
But a bit ackward as this is used to change an octave or one semitone of a complete range of notes. The most easiest thing is to strike the actual note on your midikeyboard in edit mode. Do press escape to set Renoise in record mode.

Yeah, what VV said.

  • Select a note via mouse and highlighting, or select several notes.
  • Upper right in the Pattern Editor is an odd rectangular button with the letters [AE] (advanced edit), click it.
  • Click the Selection in Pattern radio button
  • Click the Notes arrow
  • Play around by clicking -12, -1, +1, +12
  • Etc.

you can bind a keyboard shortcut to transpose selected notes an octave up/down.
by default it’s not set to anything so I changed this to shift+alt+f1/f2 (1 semitone is alt+f1/f2). works great.

Would be great to have shortcuts to change whatever is under the cursor. So you don’t have to select anything first.
Also to use the mouse (scroll-wheel etc)directly on data in the pattern editor.

Yep, that’s what I would like.

  1. Highlight note (orange) and drag or something like that.
  2. Highlight note (orange) and hit “-” key to lower by half step. “+” would raise by half step.

From my brief experience, some way to use the mouse wheel to scroll up/down note value would be good.

In the past these were set to ALT-Q to raise a semi-tone and ALT-A to lower a semitone etc. but these keys have been reassigned since the new keyboard structure.

This would be great. I’ve been trying to use Renoise in a similar way to how I use LSDJ - where changing notes/ocatave up or down (on the note under the cursor position) is basic functionality. Not really working out.