Super Beginner Question - Can't see TRACE statements in terminal


this is probably a very simple question - hoping someone can point me in the right direction!

As my first renoise scripting project, i’m trying to make some modifications to the GridPie application for Duplex. My first step was to enable the script editor and terminal, and look through the script for GridPie.lua - i see a bunch of TRACE() statements in there which i assume should be printing msgs to the terminal, but when i run the tool, i don’t see it outputting anything.

do i need to enable the trace messages somewhere?


Ended up finding the filter definitions in Globals.lua:

-- local _trace_filters = nil  
--local _trace_filters = {"^Navigator"}  
--local _trace_filters = {"^Navigator","^UIButtonStrip"}  
local _trace_filters = {"^GridPie"}