Super Contra

I’m doing 10 songs for a project at

A site I’ve been at for about 6 or 7 years now. Like the name says it’s a remake of the boss song from Super C.

Here’s the NES version(I based it off the arcade version, it’s more dramatic comparing it to this wimpy NES version)…Heli%20(OG).mp3

New Renoised version:…reat%20Heli.mp3

One of my favorite NES/Arcade games all time. Prolly do a couple more from it. Any request? I still got 9 more songs to get done… Someone suggested Ghost N Goblins but I’ve heard that theme way too many times…Gives me a headache.

I’m the only fan of boss music from the 80’s? f**** man… I was born in ‘81 though so I remember flingin’ ninja stars in Shinobi and punching the hell out of peoples faces in Double Dragon( <-- baddest ass name for a game ever, BTW) Barely tall enough to reach the controls for the games. Always ran out of quarters to fast.

you really love covering songs hey.
do any original stuff?

Yep, I posted a song somewhere down the list. I’m doing these for a project.

Ever covered Alien 3 music? I think it has pretty great stuff.

Noted, I remember playing it on the snes, and I surely remember the arcade version of Alien 1.

I’ll check out the spc and see if any songs stick out for me. I only remake songs that I think are worth the time just so’z ya knows.

I loved the music of Alien 3 on NES. Did some remixes and stuff, but nothing very good.