Super Deal "Pay What You Want" For Up To 12 Great Indie Games

This is a really to nice deal!

It includes some of the best indiegames ever made, if you pay above the avarage price of only $5.80 you also get games such as Braid, Crayon Physics deluxe (ordinary price $19.99) with no DRM. Also money goes to charity.


OK, you’ve made me buy a bunch of games that I don’t really want :) For a very low price I might add :unsure:

I love indie games and 2D games in general though, so maybe I’ll enjoy these some day… At the very least I can log into my Steam account 10 years from now and be like – What the heck??? I bought these games? (I don’t use Steam very regularly… In fact the last time I used it was when Half Life 2 came out)

Great! You supported charity!

You really need to checkout Minecraft! You get a demo until 14th of august.

Checkout this wiki, to see what you can do.
One guy even made a working computer in minecraft.