Super Death Explosion Kittens

The new Achenar EP, Super Death Explosion Kittens has been released. Head on over to the release page to stream the entire EP, view artwork, download mp3s and buy the CD or digital download. Additionally, you can buy the CD versions of All Will Change & SDEK together for only £9.99, which is 30% off and includes free shipping.

Releases are now also available on Bandcamp, where they are the cheapest to download (SDEK is just £2.99), come with artwork and are also available in a wide variety of formats, including the lossless FLAC.

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This is really one of the best looking digipacks amongst my CDs now, great music too of course and my kitten fortunatly didn’t explode. Can really recommend both CDs if you’re into some harsher music.

I somehow missed this on the day it was posted, thanks for the bump :)

didn’t like the first track… loved the second one!

Created by merging together the original vocal and orchestral lines from the end of Born Into Steam with a special unfiltered version to give more bass. Extra octave features were enabled in Paulstretch to give the sound more depth.

How binaural sounds were used in the the creation of the SDEK EP.

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just heard the “Born Into Steam” on XRNS radio… Wow, dude. that is a dark, great sounding tune :walkman:
very well done! I have to check out the whole EP…

born into steam

very dark and inspiring music
I particularly like the last part of this track
after 03:11

Aside from making mediocre tunes in renoise, I also do reviews for Chain DLK, and they’ve coincidentally sent me this cd for review. The review can be seen at

I may have been a tiny bit biased since your videos helped me learn renoise and I liked the music even back then. lol

This is great! :yeah:
It reminds me of the band Mr. Bungle for some reason, which is very good

Reviews are finally starting to come in:

“Super Death Explosion Kittens” is skittish aural violence delivered with teenage abandon and it’s a compelling listen. Uneasy listening made with a shit eating grin and a mischievous mind - surely a combination not to be ignored.
Ross Pike, Room Thirteen

Most of the songs here at ‘first glance’ seem almost to have little apparent rhyme or reason other than to bruise the eardrums, but listening even the tiniest bit deeper shows exactly how meticulously and painstakingly crafted this release truly is. Every nuance has been carefully planned and executed with perfection. This disc doesn’t disappoint, not even for a second.
Barton Graham, Chain DLK

This is an album that actually deserves to have a new genre to categorize it. Or perhaps, there shouldn’t be a label assigned to it. Maybe the music just is what it is. If you’re into this type of music, or just enjoy insanely chaotic and fun songs, then this album will probably appeal to you. Heck, even if you’re not into this, I highly recommend at least checking it out.
Ian Felpel, The Death Of CDs

Super Death Explosion Kittens is a highly raucous item by Achenar, and is a very invigorating way to spend 20 minutes.
Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

Very nice this headfuck. And despite being almost completely computer-generated, it has a flow and feel to it that electronic music often seem to lack.
aVoid, Avantgarde Metal

I would have been very surprised if this crazy project wasn’t noticed and appreciated. This experimental DATA-METAL music genre (? I don’t know how to call it, it sounds like a raw binary communication protocol going through a speaker, that somehow sounds musical, and aggressive enough to remind me the work of ihshan, the singer of the emperor band, and some productions of the elend band), it’s unconventionnal, your listeners will need time to grasp your feelings. I guess that people tried to find your reference genre in the visual aspect of your site, they believed it was… ambient, music for relaxation, something like that, and they could not make the relationship between the industrial noises, robotic, mechanical and dark atmospheric buggy circuit, and the beauty of nature they can see on your site. But this is where all the power of the concept is revealed. It leads me to the conclusion that our (mechanical) language, that defines humanity in the creation, is NOT natural. Is it an anomaly ? Is it an error ? Is it a mistake ? Something that has no place in the evolution of the cosmic reality ? Or is it a new achievement in the potential and growing complexity of universe… ? This contrast is in itself the source of neverending philosophical introspective considerations.

Complexity? Sure. Your brain is going to have a lot of trouble dechipering the detail here. A definite must for anyone interested in crazy electronics and pounding drums.
Arkus, Deaf Sparrow

Each track here will result in not only awakening of your dearly departed, but of every nerve fiber in your auditory system and those linked to it.
Avestin, Hanging Sounds

Uploaded Renoise playthroughs of a few of the songs from this EP:


Born into Steam is such a banger.

Achenar - Born Into Steam
The strings at 1.05 are nice
I like the voice at 1.26
I love the bitcrushed (lofimat) drums!
I also love the ambience at the end