Super funky dance rock with vocals!

Still only just starting to learn how to record vocals and all that. Beat done in renoise, vocals recorded in repear

Great quality.
Well done! although its not my favourite style of music, it kinda reminds me tv advert music :D

Great work. :)

Have you recorded the Bass and the Guitar or are this samples or VST’s?

thanks guys! bass and guitar recorded straight in via DI. bit of sample chopping here and there, especially for the chorus and the slap bass

cheers, this is pro-level music; although I don’t like the genre, this song can clearly be in airplay on any pop radio station

thanks man! Maybe some day haha

I like it. :)

I’d be lying if I said I’d listen to it twice, but I’m impressed by a lot of the production.

You nailed it. Just like advert music. Not my style really but good quality and well done.

this is a real energizer! my favorite part might be the ‘ohio players’ backing vocals.

omg this is so cool!
it rocks and it sounds innovative!!
love it :)

small critic:
though, i don’t like the dubstep part. it sounds like included due to popularity…

so much fun doing this. the singer on this is super talented and he just went for the funniest crazy shit. suits the song though!

The chorus needs that slap bass!

Available for remixing? Liking the song and the idea a lot. Delightful pop music :)

sounds cool dfast, I’ll p.m ya!