Super Keymapping

I would like (in any way implemented) to map say certain drumpads to be assigned to a certain instrument… to fire whole (defined, but not pre-defined) chords.
That’d be the shit for live.
A bit like in this video

around the 0:40 mark

What is a defined but not predefined chord? So you hit the same key/pad multiple times and it will play a chord but not always the same one? Similar to a random sample pool? As often requested for the likes of making realistic drum kits. (More advanced than Round Robin sample pools.)

You could do most, if not all, of this with overlapping Keyzones. PITA to set up though…

You can assign chords to keys with the Scalefinder (OSC) tool.

By that phrase I meant simply the workflow of what’s in the viddy. No randomness at all. You press a ‘record pad’, then strike a chord. Then after that hitting the pad is synonymous with striking that same chord. So yeah just being able to set them yourself and not just some standard set of majors&minors.

I don’t agree, it’s just not the same thing. What I’m talking about maybe needs some room in the ‘MIDI Input’ section of the Instrument Settings… Also when you have a detuned thing e.g. with AwesomeSawce that already hits 9 samples per key struck, well that’s not just more PITA, it’s impossible to set up chords in that way with it since there’s a limit (12 I believe) on samples triggered per key triggered. What I’m talking about would also insert the chord data actually in the pattern. Best would be, with ‘delay’ values, but of course Renoise is not a friggin Korg M3…

This is some awesome shit. I should’ve kept this and learned this, thanks! And big thanks to the creators of the tool of course