super nes sound making

hello every one ,i have any questions wich plug ins or hardware synth use you to make super nes stylish sound(for plug in i’m on linux 64 bits)

SNES music is sample based, so there’s several ways you can go about this. One is to use soundfonts made from existing games:

If you need a soundfont player try sforzando:

Approach number 2 is to simply make a .mod or .it track in a tracker and use a convert to convert it to the snes format. Approach number 2 is kind of useless if you’re not going to be ripping the song to an actual cartridge. If you just want your song to sound like a snes track, but don’t want to use soundfonts, just look up the audio limitations of the console and just restrict yourself to them.

To mister Carbonthief, I’m very new to Renoise but familiar with DAWs in general, I’ve been using Ableton for over 5 yrs now. Since your first post I have discovered a few resources for SNES soundfonts, and I’m very excited!! :dribble: . My issue however is that when I import an .SF2 file, Renoise sees it as one giant sample and it would take days to manually chop and retrieve the samples within each .SF2. I have a soundfont player that does extract the samples from the .SF2 and saves them as .SFZ files. However, Renoise doesn’t seem to understand the .SFZ file type. When imported, every .SFZ file, regardless of original tone, turns into a noisey squarewave that sounds horrible. I’ve tried downloading tools that claim to help, but seeing as I’m on a 64 bit windows 8 machine, half the tools a download fail to install correctly(idk why seeing as you simply just drag and drop into Renoise.) What am I doing wrong? Any useful advice would be a godsend at this point. Sorry if this is WAY too long, or i posted in the wrong section.

I suggest you to just use a good sf2 player like Phenome Vsti (Sorry i d’ont have any link but look in google im kind in a hurry :P)

But personally if you want to really sound like snes you should use this C700 vsti :

It will load spc files (Snes audio files) and will even let you use their instrument !
With it you can even render snes instrument to Xi and then use renoise to turn them in xrni !

thanks for all your advice i will try all your solutions

Couldn’t you do this directly in Renoise with the plugin grabber? Is it better to render to xi?