Superior Drummer cymbal choke/poly aftertouch

Has this been discussed? I am using Superior Drummer and Roland TD-20 kit +latest Renoise. I open the “midi” tab in renoise and see that it recognizes the polyphonic aftertouch from cymbals ( ch=10, type=poly after touch, note equals C#-4 and G-4, value 127 when grabbed and value 0 when let go. I have selected the “hold” tab which will allow me to do a choke, though with “hold” tab selected I only trigger every other note…hit once=note on…hit two=turn note off. Renoise midi tab still registers a single strike with both type= note on and type= note off regardless. I have gone into preference and tried to ignore note offs and that was not a solution.

Am I missing something that is right in front of me or is this just not possible at the moment with communication between Renoise and Cymbal Choke/poly aftertouch ?