Superior Drummer Issues

several questions: 1. in superior drummer there is a drop down list to choose which sample library to use one of which is missing on mine, how can i resolve this? also i had to re authorize SD when i opened it in renoise so why is that? 2. SD also has alot of routing options so how can i use the SD outputs with the routing option in renoise? 3. SD has a crap ton of sample layers so how can i make use of this with renoise? would i make use of this with that vst alaising function? also, how can i control the velocity of each drum hit within renoise?

i know ive got some more questions but if anyone could help me with using SD inside renoise that would be really great. also if anyone does use SD with renoise can you tell me how you set up your workflow/tips/tricks and what not. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanx in advance =]

hi vincentnizzle,

first of all, let me say that I don’t have Superior Drummer, so I can’t really help regarding your question #1

about #2, see here

about #3, you can set the velocity using the volume column:

the volume column is the one labeled as “volume” in the above image. You can set any hexadecimal value between 00 and 80 (which is 128 in decimal base).
please note that, by default, only the volume column is visible.

reading the whole tutorial about pattern editing would surely be of help

thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated. i have another question is renoise 2.5 64bit native or is it 32 bit? the reason i ask is because i have windows vista 64bit and im wondering if this is the cause of not being able to see certain sound libraries within superior drummer when i use it with renoise.