Superwave P8 And Farbrausch V2 In The Same Track Can Freeze Renoise

I just wanted to let you know that first loading Superwave P8 and then Farbrausch V2 into Renoise (also MadTracker, OpenMPT, etc…), as illustrated in the attached XRNS files, will freeze the host when unloading the file. It does only happen with this combination of plugins (well ok, maybe also with others) and only if you load them in this exact order, i.e. loading V2 in instrument slot 1 and then P8 in instrument slot 2 will not freeze the host. I am aware that this problem is not specific to Renoise, but maybe you should at least show a warning to the user if they try to use this combination of plugins.

Some more tech details, as far as I’ve found out: V2 seems to freeze while dispatching effClose. I have no idea what it’s doing and why it is doing this only when P8 is loaded before. It’s a mind-boggling issue and probably not even worth fixing, but if you come up with a clever solution for this issue, it would be very generous to share it.

Same thing happens when loading up multiple Farbrausch V2 instances. The second one deadlocks when closing.

We’ve reported this a while ago the the farbrausch crew, and they knew what caused this. Unfortunately can’t find the email(address) anymore. Let’s ask them to release a new version if someone has an email from them? - V2 hasn’t been updated a very long time though but still worth the try to get in touch with kb I guess.

No, bugging kb is not worth the try, because he will not fix it. I already told him about the bug and yeah… guess what his answer was. ;) But good to know that this doesn’t only happen with P8.

So i guess it remains a buggy plug then?