Support for ARM based platforms

Once in a while i see the question popping up Renoise should support tablets but those are in generic ARM based.

There are exponentially being spewed out a lot of new FCGA board projects using these cheap ARM cpu’s and the ARM cpu’s are getting more powerful by the day as well.
ARM based cpu’s are so cheap, you can build supercomputers with those.

Here’s one project that has planned to release ARM based supercomputers low cost produced for this year…

Support for an ARM based platform ofcourse depends on how the audiocard manufacturers going to respond on this emerge, because so far exactly the problem is most audiocard vendors create drivers supporting Intel or AMD based platforms hardly got used to supporting 64-bit.
I’m trying to find decent audiocard manufacturers that bring out drivers for the ARM architecture, but it seems like one of the rare situations where the google page gives me this white blank page with 0 results…
Well, not quite completely 0 results, but nothing that contains the phrases MacOSX or Windows or soundcard manufacturer names and driver downloads for ARM platforms.
There seems currently no good reason for DAW developers to back the ARM technology since the serious hardware vendors of audio cards aren’t doing anything on that area either.

So i whip up this topic so that any news about progress on this area can be added so that technology can be tracked.

It is interesting for sure. I know that Nvidia are working on a desktop ARM processor. Microsoft has made Windows ARM compatible. Rumors say that Apple are going to ditch Intel in favor of their own ARM CPUs and that they’ve already made OSX ARM ready. Ubuntu are working on ARM versions. It’s pretty obvious that this is going to happen, the CPU’s are simply fast enough for most people these days, so why not use the most inexpensive tech!?


Do you mean ARM windows or ARM linux or ARM android?

As for Parallella - even if ARMs are supported by Renoise it wouldnt be possible to use Epiphany coprocessor without additional code which makes the whole idea of using their board for Renoise useless.

That is true, but the Epiphany is simply a major multicore FP unit rather than a CPU unit on itself.
Renoise could also theoretically use the CODA gpu units of today’s graphic cards for processing but this idea also requires specific programming code (plus it would probably be hell to maintain and keep updated)
On the other hand a multi-core ARM board would allow some nice achievements. Multi-ARM units are available today as well. (Even the Paralella board comes Dual-ARMed)

As a Linux user, I don’t have problems with hardware manufacturers supporting ARM with their drivers- that’s a kernel issue.

I’m keen to see Renoise on ARM devices. Has the situation changed, or are we still waiting for a catalyst here?