Support for MPE


This is quite niche right now and only a handful of software supports this at the moment but it would be very cool to have this in Redux.

More info:

See it in action…

Imagine this on phrases!

(Tumulte) #2

Since there’s a 3.5 around the corner, allow me to bring that back. Thanks to roli blocks, MPE is no longer reserved to an elite

And, surprisingly enough most of it’s functionnalities work right out of the box in renoise : gliding, pressure and sliding can be mapped right away

BUT, it’s still a bit hacky, does not work in polyphony… and most importantly :slight_smile:
It can’t be recorded. Renoise can only automate a handfull of midi messages, and MPE sends a LOT of them

Not only MPE would fit renoise like a glove, since it’s as much an instrument as it is a DAW but it’d put it among the list of the few MPE compatible DAWs which might have a marketing value (even ableton live can’t properly handle MPE.

Voila :slight_smile:

(Tumulte) #3

Shorter version : could we hope for a mpe support in the near future ?