Support For Vst Audioeffectx::updatedisplay() ?

Just wondering if it would be fairly simple to support the VST AudioEffectX class’ updateDisplay() method? My experiments so far show that this always returns false (unsupported by host). I’ve run into situations where being able to have the VST update its GUI in the host is necessary, and right now it seems like the only thing that will do this is a user-generated GUI event (user changing a value).

At any rate just wondering if this would conceptually be a simple hook up, or if based on threading/execution, having the VST plugin make a call to refresh Renoise’s GUI would be a mess.

For clarity I am talking about VST plugins that do not have their own GUI, and rely on the host’s representation. I would find this useful, but I’m going to guess if it hasn’t been implemented yet there’s a good reason for that.

Sorry for the late reply.

We already do support “updateDisplay” and also return 1 to indicate success. I wonder in which scenarios you got a 0 returned from us or when exactly Renoise missed some updates?

Hi! Sorry about hijacking this thread… but I’m having sort of the same problem. I’m testing my rudimentary VST instrument with Renoise; it doesn’t have its own GUI - relying on renoise’s provided GUI. I have a couple of params that, when changed, change the “display value” of other parameters. I am calling updateDisplay() on the VST setParameter method, when those specific parameters are changed, but nothing is reflected in the other parameters until I change their value manually (the user initiated event).

Edit: I have checked the value returned by updateDisplay, it’s always 1.

I guess an example will be useful: I have an envelope whose A, D, R display values depend on its own values (from 0…1) AND the value of the “time scale” parameter, which allows for having flexible length envelopes. So if I change the time scale slider, I would like to see the A, D and R display values change as well. Currently they do not change, and I don’t know if what I expect is feasible or would need a custom GUI…

Also I have observed that even when idle, Renoise is calling constantly the getParameterName of the VSTi. Is that normal? (maybe some beta issue?) I’m using 2.5b8 :unsure:

Hello Supersole,

could you maybe send me (taktik renoise com) the VST so that I could take a look at this here? In theory this should be working just fine if you’re calling “updateDisplay” after parameters have changed internally - the change was not done by Renoise.

We are hackily polling “getParameterName” over and over again because many plugins do not send out "updateDisplay"s after the parameter names changed. So this is actually a hack to make sure that the parameter names in Renoise are always correct and up to date.
Many old VST hosts like cubase did not showed parameter names in their GUI, only used the plugins external editor for display. I think that where this missing “updateDisplay” is coming from…

Right, that makes sense (getParameterName). Sent you the file :)

Just tested with 2.5 RC1, this now works perfectly!!! \o/

Everything gets updated as it should :w00t:

Thanks guys!