Support more than 255 Instruments


Only up to 255 instruments are supported.

Searched the forums and couldn’t turn up anything, but I’m running into this in what I consider a mid-size project.

Nothing crazy like tons of micro-samples for breakcore or anything, just rapping with lots of recordings and takes.

I get it that FF (in hex) equals 255 (in decimal), and I can jump through hoops to work around it, but why is this arbitrary limit chosen, instead of a much higher number?

I think it’d be better for users’ computers to dictate how many instruments it will support, up to the next ‘F’ column at least.

The instrument column for track editing could be expanded by a single column and give FFF(4096) – or even two columns for FFF?(4097-65535) – number of instruments.

AFAIK, this wouldn’t add much complexity to the codebase at all, and no performance penalty(?) since most of the time most of the tracks would sit empty/idle anyway.

Are you aware all those instruments in your screenshot above can hold >1 sound? What version of Renoise are you using? Just drag a selection of samples to the sampler tab & for example press the drumkit button in the keyzones tab to automatically distribute the sounds across the keyboard.

a char here is 8 bits? :stuck_out_tongue:

And whatdjeroek said, I can’t remember the sample limit in the instrument was, but there’s no disk space size limit since 3.0 (outside of your ram)

The issue is that with somany instruments, a lot of data needs to be edited for a large part of manipulations with these instrumentsif for example you delete one of them.

Yes, please support 0xFFFF :slight_smile: just joking

there is also a 2gb song size limit as I recall

Ah, I forgot that multi-sample instruments were a thing lol. I’m used to using 1-ofs for pretty much everything but I’ll start grouping things by category.

Thanks for the info and the quick responses.

Maybe the error message could provide that tip instead of just saying ‘nope’ to the user?

@midi error: Coming up on 400mb so far. Is there somewhere where these limits are documented?

Yeah, more instruments will probably get a bit messy.

Hmm… The idea of sorting instruments is great, no matter if you reach the roof or not. Thanks for the tip! :stuck_out_tongue:

Because you with recent versions of Renoise can mix the “internal instruments” in different ways it opens up for this possibility more satisfying.