Support to the developers!

I want to thank all the guys behind the Renoise, for such a wonderful tool! It’s cheap, it’s on steroids, community is great (well, the most of the time)… and pretty much everything else that goes on here… The list goes on forever…

i have one request for the future:
Help us by showing us how we can help you dedicate more resources for the Renoise development (bring up the price, some donation box, or whatever, really)

Thank you once again @taktik! & dear Renoisers!

Happy holidays to all!!


We can collect more instruments for the next Update. Much more instruments includet for the next update for renoise and redux.:slightly_smiling_face:


Since the software is “too cheap”, if you’re able, I think it’s a good idea to just sometime buy an extra license just to show some unconditional support and gratefulness. Plus it will reset your license to being valid +1.0 version!

Or maybe give away a license to a friend who wouldn’t quite have jumped the fence on his own.