Supported "Note Prefixes"??

i was having a idea for a tool in 2,6 based on the note randomizer,but instead of randomizing notes it would “write” chords

but i was told that renoise doesent support these note prefixes like Bb,Eb,Ab,Db,Gb

if its right,is there a speciel reason why renoise doesent support those??

Forgive me if what I’m about to say is obvious or if you already know it, because I read in your other thread that you didn’t know much about musical theory, chords, etc.

Flat b note = Sharp # note

  • Bb = A#
  • Eb = D#
  • Ab = G#
  • Db = C#
  • Gb = F#

These notes are the same, or in other words they are “enharmonically equivalent”

So, technically speaking Renoise can obviously handle the notes, but it can currently only represent/display them as sharps. You will have to adjust your script to take this into account when generating the note data, but your script’s custom GUI can obviously display them in any way you want to. You could still let the user visually choose from chords with flat notes, for example.

Edit: Here’s a handy graphic I found online:

thank you so much Dblue,i didnt knew that,that is good to know,i will see what i can come up with