Surround (width) Pattern Command A

I have never used it, I usually use Stereo Expander when needed.

Hexadecimal codes are a tradition in tracking but not a rule, it may be broken by Renoise The Great!

I liked this idea very much, it is very user friendly ;)

Haha, thanks.

This scripting thread was recently bounced, so I’m tying it to this one. I reiterate that it would be cool if the effects column was human readable inside Renoise. It’s less than thrilling to have to refer to a printed out wiki page and typing out 4 digit codes.

Maybe right clicking could bring up “dialogues” that use the “Renoise script.” These dialogues could be coded by the user, in Renoise Script, in a similar way to The Gimp has Script Fu?

well, i never use it, i everytime leave width at just one position.

if there’s some effect which could be more useful - replace it =)

been using it, rarely but still…
i think it should be kept.

Remove it, I’ve never used it! -> 30

I have used it. Please keep it! -> 9