Surround (width) Pattern Command A

Would be good to know if we could simply remove this command and replace it with some other fancy stuff…

Not that I use it very often.
But is this not just delaying the real problem of command resolution?
What will have to go next when we have to make room for another fancy new command?

taktik: Before I go to try and figure it out for myself, do you have a list of all the possible remaining pattern commands that are available? Just curious to see where things are at.

Of course this doesn’t solve this problem, but I just stumbled about the surround thing in the code and wondered if it is useful at all…

# 00xy - Arpeggio (x=base note offset 1, y=base noteoffset 2)  
# 01xx - Pitch Slide up (00 - ff)  
# 02xx - Pitch Slide down (00 - ff)  
# 03xx - Channel volume (00 - ff)  
# 04xy - Volume slicer → x = factor (0=0.0, f=1.0), slice at tick y.  
# 05xx - Glide to note with step xx (00 - ff)  
# 06xx - Volume slide up with step xx (00– ff)   
# 07xx - Volume slide down with step xx (00 – ff)  
# 08xx - Track panning (00 - ff)  
# 09xx - Trigger sample offset, 00 is sample start, ff is sample end .   
# 0axx - Track Surround width (00 - ff)   
# 0bxx - Play sample backwards (b00) or forwards again   
# 0cxx - Track volume (00-ff)  
# 0dxx - Delay notes in track-row xx ticks before playing. (00 - speed)  
# 0exy - Retrig notes in track-row every xy ticks (y=ticks 0 - speed)   
# 0fxy - Vibrato x = speed, y = depth; x=(0 - f); y=(0 - f)  

I see.

Perhaps it make more sense to make the surround a device?
Then you can move it around in chain.

So either as a new dsp or put it in the gainer or the stereo device?

I use it quite a lot, but I bet this will not surprise you, as i’ve used almost everything in Renoise, except for beatsynching and groove settings :)

Of course I knew about these :P

What I meant was do we have 0gxy to 0zxy available? Or can they not be used?


It has been a neverending discussion to break up the hex rule and use other letters in there as well.
I don’t think there are any technical reason not to do it.
AFAIK Taktik just don’t like the idea to break this rule.
Personally I would not mind at all.
I even think it’s easier to remember letters then a hex index.
S = surround
R = retrigger etc.

This way you also don’t have to write 2 digits if the command resolution get expanded and only use hex.
S34 is much easier to write then for instance 1F34
But anyway… this is a big subject that perhaps should not be discussed in this thread.

Never used it for two reasons : If you narrow the width down then this command does blend some of the left channel into the right channel, if set to 0% you hear only the left channel (if I am not completely mistaken). Therefore I use dfx’s monomaker if I want to reduce the width of a stereosample, it does blend the left into the right channel and the right into the left channel, which is what I need.

If you expand this effect some phaseinverted left channel gets added to the right channel which is horrible and should not be done ever if you want a good mix, you need to find other ways to make a mono-sample stereo. Again I hope I am not mistaken here, I think the last time I actually tried that effect out was in a 1.5 version.

Well here comes my first post, thank you!

Yesterday I was using the width function on a track with some claps played in a techno kind a way. Today I was thinking it would be nice to use the patterncommand to close the width overtime from ff to 00 and then flop the bassdrum in :)

The break would be starting with a really spacy stereo sound en ending with a harsh in your face clapper.

So yes I would use the patterncommand, but offcourse this could also be done with normal automation, so if you want to replace this patterncommand with a very cool effect like freeze or stretch, I will not cry about it!



Damn, why not just use other letters then? The volume and panning columns don’t conform to this rule, why would the effects column be any different? Or throw in the letter X as an actual effects category. X for XTREME! (or XTENDED effects?) Edit: king of edits…



I’m all for extending to Gxx-Zxx, as it is in every other tracker.

I’ve never thought of pattern commands names as hex numbers.

actually, they do conform: olny 0x to Fx are used

My mistake. I now see 9x to Fx are effects. I thought it was using/limiting me to decimal 80.

I will have to try bx - Play sample of subtrack note backwards (0 is backwards, 1 is forwards again, see 0bxx in effect column command-list) when I get home.

whoops, I have mistaken this for the stereoexpander, this is the one that kinda behaves the way I described (although not really too). sorry, as I said I have not used width or the stereoexpander ever after trying them out once.

Breaking out of HEX is a good idea, it’s just old.

Imagine opening up the command column like:

command:X Y Z
c:X Y Z

retrig:X Y
r:X Y

arp:0 3 7 12 7
a:0 3 7 12 7

slide:c#3 25%
s:c#2 2r
s:c#2 3/BPM

(%=percentage of current BPM, r=rows, BPM=current BPM)

r:X Y;a:0 3 7 12 7;s:c-1 60;
retrig:X Y Z;arp:0 3 7 12 7;slide:c-1 60BPM;

This way it’s possible to make infinite commands and infinite properties. Probably hard to do without cluttering the interface.

Maybe imagine the arppegio:
01 C-3 a:0 3 7 12 7 3,loop,4/BPM;
02 —

08 — /a;

I don’t know, guess there’s smarter ways to do this… I’m just talking :lol:

Renoise 2.0 :dribble:

The above poster has me thinking, if the data is stored in an XML file, what’s stopping Renoise from replacing the effects column with a tiny text input widget like that located next to the disk in the file browser? Or a drop down? Well, other than the sanity of the developers of Renoise, what’s stopping us? :)

EDIT: Imagine the interface as it is now.

C-4 01 80 0000  
--- -- -- ----   
E-4 01 80 0000  

Double clicking on 0000 (or ----) opens up a text box with a dropdown of commands, sort of like the newbie interface to flash actionscript, but hopefully not as ugly. I type in my command(s) and when I close the box, it gets translated back into the 0000 (or ----) space. Maybe some sort of RenoiseScript? Maybe typing fade(0, 80, 40) automatically translates to a fade from 0 to 80 over 40 lines? or retrig(20); pitchUp(10); turns into the appropriate effects and adds the missing columns? Eh? Eh? Eh?

Edit: Queen of edits?

not only do I think the number of possible pattern effects should be increased… but the possible effect values should be increased too. 256 possible values is too low a resolution… I think effect values should be increased to FFFF. Personally, I’d be fine with an 8 byte effect column ;)

EffNum Val

… This would fix the “setting 800 BPM via pattern command” issue too ;)

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll keep the surround command and find a different solution for the pattern effect limitation.

Yes, it extracts and filters the center and phases the left channel. There is nothing wrong with this…

I use it sometimes, though not often. Rather then removing functionality that could mess with backwards functionality, break open the hex limit! I’m curious what other functionality you want to insert :)

I never use the Width command, period. I don’t like how it sounds in mono (phase and all). OTOH, the Stereo expander is nice.