Sustain A Note Without Looping?

Hey folks,

I’m trying to make a music-box type melody. I’ve found the instrument I want to use, but it doesn’t have any sustain whatsoever. I was curious how I could make the note sustain for however long.

Without actually looping the sample there aren’t really that many options. Some reverb would help to give it a more sustained effect, but you could also drown out the notes quite easily this way and lose clarity. Out of curiosity, can I just ask why looping must be avoided in this particular case?

Well, I’m chords of the aforementioned instrument… I’d have to do a shit load of caps locking for it to sound decent.

Yep… you will have to insert note-off commands if you enable sustain on the instrument, but that’s just a fact of life I’m afraid. If you only need to apply sustain to one or two special notes in your whole song, then perhaps you can make a copy of the original instrument and enable sustain/looping on that one instead. Then you can leave your original stuff untouched, and just insert a few sustained notes from the 2nd copy when you need to.

I found a solution that was loop-free… I just went to and found a better instrument that was a little more sustain-y. But that’s an idea that I’ll keep in my head for future references - to just copy the instrument. thanks!

You also could have set a loop point but not enabled sustain in the instrument envelope, and just left it with a longer release time.

:yeah: … that’s the way to do it.