Sustain Pedal & Note Off Recording

When i’m recording via my midikeyboard and using sustain Renoise records the noteoffs even if the sustain pedal is being pressed. The sustain pedal information is put in a column and when i’m trying to play the notes back the note off data from the sustain pedal get mixed up with the key note offs.

From what i can tell the note offs shouldn’t be put there when the sustain pedal is being pressed, but be “recoded” when i release the sustain pedal.

– codec

The sustain panel will not avoid the recording of noteoffs, but will tell the synth that it should ignore them instead. So they have to be recorded. Thats just fine…

You want to simulate sustain with the internal Renoise samples, not a MIDI/VST synth, which does not work because we don’t support this kind of sustain, right?

Hm… and what about the stuff i record doesn’t sound anywhere near what i played when i play it back from renoise ?


Lets say i play a few chords, hold systain pedal. All notes being entered will be on say first 4-5 channels.
Channel 6 will get the note off data from sustain pedal

So from what i can tell, renoise treats the played notes as being “cut”, and puts all notes on channel 4-5.
So the notes aren’t being “sustaind/hold”. I can try and make a small example file if that helps.

Ok, i made a small xrns, it seems to only be a problem when i use the external synth, if i instead copies the sample to instrument #2 the notes doesn’t overlap. I’ll try this in some other sequencer too.
(mailed file to taktik @ renoise)

Probably because the aftertouch recording has overwritten the sustain recording? In your example there are both, but we unfortunately do only support one MIDI message per track currently.

I know you don’t care about all this and just want that things sound as you played them, but we really can not “fix” this quickly somehow.

ah, it’s okay anyway. It’s certanly possible to workaround this for me