Sustain Pedal With Multisampled Keyboards

I made a couple of keyboard/organ sounds for personal use using mapped multisamples, but I hadn’t thought of not being able to use my MIDI-keyboard’s sustain pedal with them… I just somehow thought pressing the pedal is always equivalent to keeping the key pressed until released, but of course instead it sends single signals… Bummer!

Just wondering if anyone has found a clever workaround?

Buy a midi organ with footpedals?

As far as renoise instruments are concerned, it is a bummer 'cause i think the most clever workaround is… keeping the key pressed until until you want it to be released. xrni’s are not very powerful. very sad. They are a bit more powerful than impulse tracker instruments, but… in practice, not a lot. Drats! Can i have your samples now?

Well MIDI-gadgets and/or plugins don’t really cut it every time, the fun thing about multisamples in Renoise is the ability to mangle the audio for ages with whatever you come up with before creating the final mapped instrument. I’m only recently getting more into this myself.

Say, an originally lame/soulless organ sound that has gone through some cabinet miking first, then some nasty c-cassette saturation and tube distortion (or just about anything else) before the final Renoise instrument, it’s a whole different world compared to clean/plastic MIDI-type sounds if your after analogue/lofi-vibes, even if clean sounds fit crowded mixes better and might suit some styles ok. Also great to be able to load this type of mangled sounds in a couple of seconds and always know they sound the same regardless of the system you’re on, instead of templates or presets that are dependent on certain plugins installed, their settings etc.

Hate to be a party pooper, but in this case my organs are my private parts… :D Yeah hmm, since it’s already possible to map MIDI-commands to different functions very easily in Renoise, perhaps it would be possible to add a mapping option to the instrument envelope that allows more flexible controlling of the sustain, dunno…

It should not be too hard to be capable of fixing something yourself, but i guess you would need to runtowards the Radioshack to get some gear and a soldering iron to get going.
And then simply create a device that triggers note-messages and aftertouch. I guess these are things you need to be able to toy around with i suppose.

OK…then… thanks for not exposing them.

But yeah, an option to control envelopes via midi would be super cool. Something similar to impulse tracker’s s7 command would be nice, too.

You could always do the tracker thing and just delete any offending note-off commands but that’s pretty obvious and useless if you’re set on doing this live. You can map a sequence though, and maybe use that as your drone? Or maybe map a knob to the mixer volume of a drone track (sometimes this works better; hey, mr. dj!). That’s the best I’ve got.

(Or place a piece of lead on your key or train your cat… Or go begging one of the masters of the dark arts of scripting to conjure you up a real fix for this, if such a beast can be conjured.)

integration between MIDI, plugins and sample based instruments is planned. There is definitely a gap between the control power amongst these kind of instruments

Just started training him for this task, no luck so far :D

Nice! Really looking forward…