Sustain Pedal With Native Instruments In 2.8

I’m going on about this, since it’s really important to me :dribble:

Any chance, that we could get sustain pedal support (both play and record) that works with renoise native instruments?

Reason: I’m on linux and by far the best and most reliable piano I got is renoise native. I’m a (real) piano player, so without sustain pedal support it’s not really possible to play my beloved native piano :(

It would be great to hear something from the dev team on this, even if it’s a “go away, we’re not gonna work on sustain pedal” :lol:



YES, definitely +1

btw which is the piano sound you mentioned?

It’s in the backstage. In the PureMagnetik essentials pack “grand piano”

That one is pretty awful, sorry.

I made a few nice ones myself from samples found on the net :drummer:/>

atte: plz link!??!?!? :D/> :D/>

/* EDIT */ btw (a modded version of) the PM Grand is what i used for the tune in my sig, i think it’s pretty good!! Added intermediate velocity layers by mixing existing samples, etc etc…

I did link to the source of two of the Pianos i made. I don’t think im allowed to share the xrnis without permission from the copyright holders of the Samples.

Here’s one i made from rendering output from the demo version of Pianoteq (posted in the tips & tricks messageboard) —>