Sustain Sample Loop

I’ve got an idea.

When you loop a sample you mostly have to cut whatever is after the loop, because it’s never played. That’s too bad, bacause often it can be for example some nice fadeout, which you can’t achieve with any simple envelope etc. So why not adding a “sustain sample loop” feature, so when the note is on, the sample is played looped. When a note off is sent, the sample plays to it’s end.

What do you think about it?

sustain loop:

at least that’s what it was called in IT.

i would definitely use this feature but have been weary of suggesting it because half of my suggestions start:

“so in IT…”

but it’s a good idea. i think you would have to change the way that renoise handles "note off"s to do it right.

I think sustain loop in IT was used in the envelopes. You were able to loop an envelope during the note-sustain. I’m not talking here about this feature. I want a sample loop sustained, not the envelope.

IT has sample sustain loops.


Weird… Maybe I used IT for too short to know about this feature.

it’s really fun for playing with beat bits. :rolleyes:

I remember that in Octamed tracker, there was special command: "| " to keep instrument sustain ON

C-4 00 00 < note starts
| < note sustain is on
… < sustain is off, instrument plays to it’s end

Maybe we could clone this feature to Renoise ?

A big +1 from me. There have been lots of times when I’ve wanted to use this feature.

Seems like the way to do it.


Yeah, this could be useful.



plus one

Is this implemented?

use the bxx (B00 & B10) command to do this. like alot of the questions about can it do ‘x’ on here timtowtdi.

C-4 01 80 0000
(note playing)

(note holding)

(note continues playing)

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